Since 1964, AIPA has been ahead of the curve through every decade of surfboard design advancements. AIPA's founder, Ben Aipa has impacted the surf industry through his numerous innovations, such as the iconic STING and Swallow tail.

Innovations which his son Duke Aipa, has been carrying forward, evolving decades of surfboard building designs, refining them for the surfers of tomorrow. Duke states, "My father always said, In order for surfing to change, surfboards need to change. This statement is at the core of what AIPA represents.

We are always looking for the next Move in surfboard design. I believe that the alignment of technology and design allows surfers to tap into a new part of their surfing that they haven't experienced yet....and that's why we are excited to share The XTR experience with our fans around the world."

AIPA models we can make in XTR's Epoxy technology:

✔️ Eclipse
✔️ DNA
✔️ Dark Twinn
✔️ Bone Fish
✔️ Modern Swallow
✔️ Modern Sting
✔️ Modern Wing Twin
✔️ B.A.D. Fish
✔️ Bishop
✔️ Wrecking Ball
✔️ Dark Horse
✔️ Hitman
✔️ DeadPool (Stationary wave pool)
✔️ Dark Wake (Wake-Surf)

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