Matt Parker began shaping boards the way most surfboard shapers do: out of a Southern California garage, back in 2001. Having built an appreciation for pattern, shape and color through a background in fine art and graphic design, he began to apply this visual language to foam and resin, treating each board as a blank canvas. His various board models’ functionality is a result of constant trial and error, ongoing collaborations with some of the best surfers around the world, and a simple love for being in the water.

Album models we can make in XTR's Epoxy technology:

✔️ Sunstone
✔️ Lightbender
✔️ Twinsman
✔️ Twinbender
✔️ Disorder
✔️ Fascination
✔️ Plasmic
✔️ Free wing
✔️ Disasym
✔️ Warp Twin
✔️ Insanity
✔️ Bullet
✔️ Ledge
✔️ Bom Dia
✔️ Moonstone
✔️ Townsend
✔️ Darkness
✔️ Lucent
✔️ Vesper
✔️ Delma

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