T. Patterson

T. Patterson

T. Patterson

My Dad started off with fixing up ding repairs for friends and then found his way to Hobie Surfboards and worked alongside his dad where he learned how to sand, hot coat, and make fins.  

Eventually, he became more well-known in our little surf town and was asked by Herbie Fletcher and McElroy to help shape surfboards under them for local talents such as Matt Archbold, Dino Andino, and Christian Fletcher. These collaborations had a major influence on his career at the time.

To this day, my dad’s consistent sense of creativity, innovation, and determination push the craft forward. His willingness to work overnight, from start to finish on a surfboard, sets him apart from the rest.

T. Patterson models we can make in XTR's Epoxy technology:

✔️ Pool Party 1
✔️ Pool Party 2
✔️ Stoke-Ed
✔️ I15 Gold
✔️ F-15 
✔️ Gas Pedal
✔️ Five Speed
✔️ Duster
✔️ X-File 2
✔️ Flag
✔️ Flight Risk
✔️ Bulit 4 Speed
✔️ Synthetic 84
✔️ Twinthetic
✔️ Twinner
✔️ New Sun
✔️ Rising Sun
✔️ S Twin
✔️ Full Moon
✔️ Ca Twin
✔️ Devil Fish

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