Construction has various impacts on your surfboard including flex, drive and response

Construction options

Below are graphics showing the construction options that we offer surfboards ordered from XTR. To read construction options in more detail, view:

✔️ Parallel Carbon
✔️ Carbon Lite
✔️ Single Lite Carbon
✔️ Wood Stringer

Flex is the ability to adapt on a given moment for a particular matter on a specific task.

Flex value

FLEX IN A SURFBOARD: Is the ability of the surfboard to adapt to the shape of a wave with a specific surfer on a particular moment.

MEASURING FLEX: To measure flex you will need a static surfboard with the weight of a surfer. The lighter the surfer the more flex the board can have.

FLEX VALUES: Since measuring flex is difficult and extremely important for a custom surfboard, we have created Flex Values. Lightweight surfers can use more flex (8-10) while a heavier surfer 200 lbs or more would want to be in the (1-4) Range.

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Flex value scale

1 = Most Stiff & 10 = Most Flexible

We construct every board with a custom combination of resin distribution & carbon fiber placements