Tony MillerManager at Channel Islands retail

It seems like the XTR boards get more pop and spring out of turns due to a different tensile strength in the foam and fiberglass. A large percentage of our customers here at Channel Islands Surfboards shop in Santa Barbara who have purchased XTR boards, have said they have been their favorite boards they have ever had.

Al MerrickLegendary Shaper / Channel Islands

XTR blanks are the the most accurate blanks after shaped by a CNC machine, the rocker is the closest to the original rocker on the master.

Bruce IronsPro Surfer / Pipe Master

"I have a secret weapon. The super light XTR Epoxy board, shaped by Matt Biolos"

Andy IronsPro Surfer / 3x World Champion

Probably the fastest, most responsive board ever. I need more for Europe (in a message to Matt Biolos)

Bethany HamiltonPro Surfer

I love riding my XTR’s they have worked great for me in the last 5 years, My XTR boards last twice as long and if I get a ding I keep surfing!

Garret McNamaraTow in World Champion

"To me, XTR Epoxy surfboards by Dick Brewer are not only lighter and stronger, they are faster and responsive. You can feel everything and turn where ever you want.
The waves I surf my Life depends on my boards, “Thanks for helping me survive!!"

Joe L.Manager Rip Curl Outlet Store

I can't say enough positive things about XTR. They are light, strong, don't absorb water, don't yellow like regular boards and have better memory and flex. On my personal boards I go with a heavier glass job so they are super strong and still a little lighter than a standard 4x4x4 poliester board. I'M SOLD!

Ted VallasSurfer from Oceanside

My XTR board is very lively. Light and there is no way I'm going back to a standard board. I have 12 boards now and a couple of them lasted over two years. I have custom shaped boards by Gary Linden. I like the XTR because it is super light and still strong. If you have a ding, you don't have to paddle in. They don't absorb water. I can go on surfing and worry about the ding later.