XTR epoxy technology


JHP is a unique brand that was started by Javier Huarcaya in the early 70's into the 80's with epoxies and later into the 90's shaping exclusively with XTR foam. The main concept behind all JHP surfboards is the combination of stringerless construction with concave decks. The concave decks are an integral feature on his designs allowing surfers to have a very stable and extremely easy to paddle surfboard.

JHP models we can make in XTR's Epoxy technology:

✔️ Pocket CD
✔️ Pocket CD Plus
✔️ Sub Pocket CD
✔️ Multi CD
✔️ Twin CD
✔️ Dragon CD
✔️ Frequent Flyer
✔️ Mini Micro
✔️ Concave Boat
✔️ Corn Dog

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