All boards glassed with S-glass on deck for strength and variations of E-glass for weight 

Glassing Types

XTR 10
XTR 10 technology is made with eXTRuded closed cell foam and are all 100% waterproof. All Boards are durable and resistant to pressure dents. The technology prolongs lifespan without loosing spring, pop, performance which keeps them lively and responsive. Every board will be responsive yet not respond to chatter “True to Poly Feel." Every board is heat tolerant and preventive to UV yellowing.

XTR Team Lite

(3/4oz patch + 4oz deck / 4oz bottom)
Recommended for lightest board possible.

XTR Light

(4oz + 4oz deck / 4oz bottom)
For everyday surfing.
Recommended for riders weight 150-180 lbs.

XTR Standard

(4oz + 6oz deck / 4oz bottom)
Recommended for riders weight 180-240 lbs.

XTR Custom

(Your choice of glassing)

Say Goodbye to Yellowing Surfboards

Our patented technology is not only the most durable type of surfboard you can get, but it keeps your surfboard white instead of the inevitable yellow board from UV rays. ⬇️