Care & Handling

XTR has been building Epoxy Surfboards for the last 30 years. Today we offer the world’s top surfboard brands with our patented closed cell foam core epoxy technology with industry leading anti yellowing epoxy resin. Offering range of constructions with carbon composite stringers to achieve the best flex for your weight and wave size (we also offer a standard wood stringer).


XTR Epoxy Technology LLC, has 3 Patents issued in USA. Thermovents are very small perforations through the fiberglass of the surfboard, located on the deck specifically under your feet. The vents are created with a unique tool at 180’F to avoid delamination. The vents go into the XTR10 foam core, that is 100% waterproof closed cell extruded polystyrene.

Removing wax / traction pads:

Avoid any chemical solvents when cleaning the wax off your board. Only use water-based cleaners with a towel, rag or wax comb. Traction pads/wax can be placed over Thermovents. Waxless surfboard traction is not recommended, i.e. Gryptalite, Versatraction.

How long do I wait for my board to be cured?

XTR epoxy tech uses temperature-controlled rooms during the process of lamination. After lamination is completed, we oven cure all boards at 120’F for 5 hours. XTR boards are fully cured when completed. So you can surf your new XTR board the day you receive it. 

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