Welcome to the Hydrodynamica Project planing hull pages. We are the original source of Bob Simmons-inspired planing hull design in the modern era. We spent many years researching, contextualizing, and, most importantly, riding mid 20th century (1947-1954) Simmons planing hull designs. The five boards shown here represent the Simmons/Hydrodynamica design experience as it has evolved in the project since 2002. From the raw, unedited planing power of the Mini-Simmons to the minimalist elegance of the CyberSim these designs share the unique glide, flow, and positivity of the Simmons planing hull.

Custom Hydrodynamica planing hulls are available to individuals at retail prices through this website. If you are a shop or distributor interested in carrying our designs wholesale, pricing arrangements are available. Regional exclusivity can be discussed.

Every single Hydrodynamica planing hull is hand crafted, start to finish, in San Diego, California. They always have been. Our boards are fun to ride and have a deep historical connection to—and influence on—progressive design, past, present, and future.

Hydrodynamica models we can make in XTR's Epoxy technology:

✔️ GMM 2
✔️ Cybersim
✔️ Mini Simmons
✔️ Slimmons
✔️ Mini 3

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